Cambodia Visa info:

Everyone except those from Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines need a visa to enter Cambodia. The official prices are:

  • Tourist visa is $20

    When arranged in advance, are valid for 90 days (ie must be used within 3 months), and good for a 30 day stamp which can be extended once only for a further 30 days at a cost of $15.

  • Business visa $25

    Probably the best option for stays over two months and/or multiple entries. They can be extended indefinitely ($140 for a 6 month extension).

Visas can be arranged at any Cambodian embassy or consulate overseas and they’re also available “on arrival” at both international airports, all  border crossings with Thailand, some border crossings with Vietnam and at the main border crossing with Laos. Citizens of most countries can apply for an e-Visa on-line. The cost for this is $25 ($20 + $5 processing fee), the visa takes by 3 working days and arrives via email.

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