finally released the latest iPad 2 at 10 o’clock in the morning, March
2, 2011. The latest iPad 2 still left us with 10 big advantages and 5
10 Advantages:
No.10: Black iPad 2 and White iPad 2
It is reported there will be iPad 2 with two colors, black and white
and it proves true. The happy thing is the price makes no difference
that both black and white are all for $499.
No.9: iPad 2 is lighter and thinner
The all-new design iPad 2 is 33% percent thinner which is 8.8mm. It is
also incredibly thinner than iPhone 4. On the other hand, it is also
No.8: iPad 2 has Face Time
The front-facing VGA camera (as well as one on the back) is in new iPad. People can talk with each other via iPad 2.
No.7: Battery life stays the same
The new iPad 2 has the same 10 hour battery life as before with a month
of standby time. This is really impressive when you find Apple has
reduced the size of the unit.
No.6: Double 3D.
iPad 2 has WCDMA and CDMA EV-DO Rev.A 3G network. The CDMA 3G iPad comes to the market for the first time.
No.5: 1080P HDMI
Latest iPad supports the 1080p HDMI.
No.4: iPad 2 goes dual core
The new processor is called the Apple A5 and is based on Arm’s cortex-A9 design. It is 1Ghz again.
No.3: ios 4.3
Ios 4.3 is the latest version of iOS which will be available for iPhone
4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch till March 11. At that time, there will be
faster Safari browsing performance.
No.2: The stupid button problem has been fixed.
No.1: iPad 2 performs better display.
5 Disadvantages:
No.5: No thunderbolt.
No.4: Mobile Me isn’t for free.
No.3: Ram isn’t highly advanced.
No.2: Camera isn’t that good.
No.1: No retina.