ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 May Run Windows 8

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ASUS will be using an x86 processor from
Intel or AMD’s ranges for the Windows 8 tablet or using Windows on ARM
and picking something like a next-gen Tegra chip such as Kal-El and
Android version of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 will be cheaper than
its Windows 8 counterpart, but the grown up Microsoft OS will allow for
more complex document creation and editing. While the Android version
would cost the same as the existing one, the Windows model will carry a
premium due partly to the cost of the operating system and  it appears
that both the Android and Windows 8 models are on track for a release at
some point in 2012.
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 May Run Windows 8
Asus Eee Pad Transformer is
a slate-style tablet with an optional keyboard docking station which
sort of transforms the device into a laptop and the dock also has a
separate battery which nearly doubles the run time. Currently the Eee Pad Transformer is designed to run Google Android 3.x Honeycomb, but now Eee Pad Transformer rumored to run on Windows 8. That certainly makes sense since the new tablet won’t go into production until later on in 2012 when Windows 8 is expected to launch. Like the original Eee Pad Transformer,
its successor will feature an optional keyboard dock with built-in
battery for extended mobile use. Windows 8 itself will offer a much more
tablet-friendly UX than Windows 7 currently provides,
but the keyboard dock will still come in handy for those times when an
on-screen keyboard just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Actual hardware
specs for the Transformer 2 will likely not be known until much closer to its release, though Asus could certainly be testing Windows 8 on
the current Transformer’s ARM internals. Its dual-core, 1Ghz Tegra
processor and 1GB RAM should provide sufficient horsepower, at least for
basic testing at this stage of the game. ASUS currently
starts the Honeycomb Transformer at $399 for the tablet alone and they
charge $149 for the docking station and Microsoft isn’t scheduled to
release Windows 8 until sometime in 2012.
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The Spokesperson of Press and Quick Reaction Unit Rejects the Remarks by Thai Prime Minister

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AKP Phnom Penh, June 17, 2011 – The following is Statement of Press and Quick Reaction Unit:
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RCAF Conducts Military Drill

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AKP, Phnom Penh, June 17, 2011 – More than 1,300 Royal Cambodian Armed Forces from different units
jointly conduct the military exercise in Kampong Speu province on June
16 under the presidency of Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Gen. Tea
Banh, Minister of National Defense and other RCAF commanders.
Photo: Chim Nary.
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Philippines sends navy ship to disputed waters

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MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines said Friday it would send its
ageing navy flagship into disputed South China Sea waters amid rising
tensions with Beijing over their competing claims.
However defence department spokesman Eduardo Batac insisted the
deployment was a routine assignment and had nothing to do with an
announcement by China on Thursday that one of its maritime patrol
vessels would pass through the area.
“I don’t think these are connected,” Batac told reporters.
“The navy conducts regular offshore patrols and we should not connect
the deployment of Rajah Humabon to the deployment of this maritime
vessel of China.”
Batac said he was unaware if the Chinese vessel had reached waters claimed by both countries.
He also did not say when the Philippine vessel would be dispatched or exactly where it would go.
The Rajah Humabon, a former US Navy frigate that served during World
War II, is one of the world’s oldest warships. It began service in the
cash-strapped Philippine Navy in 1980.
Meanwhile, Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario
met with envoys of ASEAN member nations on Friday, calling on them to
“take a common position” on the matter.
In the meeting with ambassadors of the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations, del Rosario said there should be “common approaches in
addressing worrisome developments” in the South China Sea.
The Philippines has competing claims with China, Taiwan, Vietnam,
Malaysia and Brunei over potentially resource-rich areas in the South
China Sea.
Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam are also members of
ASEAN along with Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and
Tensions in the long-running dispute over the area have flared in
recent months amid allegations by the Philippines and Vietnam that China
has become increasingly aggressive in staking its territorial claims.
The Philippines accused China this month of sending naval vessels to
intimidate rival claimants around the Spratly Islands in the South China
The Philippines also accused China of installing posts and a buoy in
nearby areas, opening fire on Filipino fishermen and intimidating a
Philippine oil exploration ship with a patrol vessel.
China has maintained throughout the flare-up that its has sole
sovereignty over the waters, but that it intends to resolve the dispute
Nevertheless, Chinese state media reported on Friday that China had
recently staged three days of military exercises in the South China Sea
and plans to boost its offshore maritime patrol force.
Del Rosario said the recent incidents showed the need for
“collaboration and solidarity (on)… a recurring and an exacerbating
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Thai Yellow Shirts Protest Against Leaders, UNESCO Temple Listing

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Photo: AP
Thailand’s royalist Yellow Shirts have protested outside the United
Nations Cultural agency in Bangkok, urging it to withdraw world heritage
status for a Cambodian temple near disputed territory. They also
paraded through the Thai capital encouraging people not to vote in July 3
elections.  The nationalist movement has stopped supporting the
current government, saying it is too weak on the border dispute.

least 2,000 yellow-dressed protesters demonstrated Friday outside of
the Bangkok office of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and
Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

They nationalists want UNESCO’s
World Heritage Committee, which meets Sunday in Paris, to de-list a
temple in Cambodia near disputed territory.

The 900-year-old
Khmer Hindu temple called Preah Vihear in Cambodia and Phra Viharn in
Thailand was declared a world heritage site in 2008.

The listing sparked nationalist fervor on both sides and sporadic and deadly clashes between Thai and Cambodian soldiers.

Vipida Thaisawat says Cambodia is using the world heritage status to
encroach on Thai land. Like some other nationalists, she claims the
temple is in Thai territory.

“Actually, [getting the] temple back
[to Thailand] or not is not the point,” Vipida noted. “But, the point
right now is they [Cambodia] want the land around Phra Viharn to
register as a world heritage [under Cambodia]. And, we can’t let that

Cambodia has proposed a joint management plan for the
temple complex, which the World Heritage Committee is reviewing and may
decide on next week.

Thailand has urged the plan be delayed until a decision is reached on the land surrounding the temple, which both sides claim.

last month asked the International Court of Justice in The Hague to
rule on the disputed 4.6-square-kilometer area around the temple.

ICJ ruled in 1962 that the temple itself is in Cambodia, but made no
decision on the surrounding land. The court’s ruling is expected
sometime early next year.

The Yellow Shirts paraded Friday from the UNESCO office through Bangkok, directing most of their anger at Thai politicians.

urged Thai people not to vote in a July 3 election, saying none of the
parties have Thailand’s true interests at heart, including the ruling
Democrats they once supported.

The Yellow Shirts say the
government has been weak in the border dispute with Cambodia and are
demanding it stop cooperating with UNESCO and Phnom Penh.

Thai government has waffled on whether it wants the withdrawal of the
temple’s World Heritage status, but has also dismissed the Yellow Shirt

Meanwhile, the border remains tense with both
militaries on alert.  Clashes between the two sides killed at least 10
people in February. Another 18 died in fighting in April near another
ancient temple complex about 150 kilometers farther west.

Each side blamed the other for starting the fight.

VOA News
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Mass faintings at city factory

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Thorn Sinorn, 19, is comforted by Theang Chan Thorn, 21, at the
Cambodian-Russian Friendship Hospital after she fainted at the King
Fashion garment factory in Dangkor district yesterday.
Photo by: Heng Chivoan
Hundreds of garment workers received medical treatment after fainting at
the King Fashion garment factory in Dangkor district on Wednesday
evening and yesterday morning.

More than 200 workers reportedly
fainted at the factory in Choam Chao commune on Wednesday evening,
followed by about 100 who collapsed the following morning, district
police said.

At the Cambodian-Russian Friendship hospital,
28-year-old worker Doeun Sophana said she had found it difficult to
breathe in the factory, becoming dizzy and vomiting before fainting
yesterday morning.

“I think the workers fainted because of chemicals spread on the clothes,” she said.

Sameal, a 22-year-old worker at from the factory who stayed on her feet
and helped colleagues to the hospital, said an unpleasant smell had
lingered in the factory for two days ahead of the faintings.

Ken Loo, secretary general of the Garment Manufacturers Association in
Cambodia, said medical examinations of the workers had revealed that low
blood-glucose levels had caused them to faint.
Hazardous chemicals, he added, are not used in GMAC factories.

workers that fainted last evening or yesterday were of course sent to a
medical facility where they had blood tests and were certified fit,
with the only observation being that their blood level was a bit on the
low side,” he said.

He added that many of the workers who fainted yesterday morning had returned from the hospital the previous night.

Galvin, a communications officer at the International Labour
Organisation, said yesterday that the cause of the faintings will remain
unclear until the necessary inquiry is conducted.

“It just seems
unusual for a mass number of people to faint from malnutrition,” she
said, adding that it was “absolutely a cause for alarm” if malnutrition
is indeed the reason for the faintings.

Mouen Tola, head of the
labour programme at the Community Legal Education Centre, said yesterday
that many workers are not properly trained in dealing with fabrics that
have been treated with chemicals to prevent insects from destroying

“They had over 200 workers faint, and what the government
should do is to clean up everything inside the factory,” Moeun Tola

“Even [if] we don’t know what is the cause, we have to clean up the environment before we allow them to go back to work.”

Vanthat, director of the occupational health department at the Ministry
of Labour, said yesterday that investigations into the case were
ongoing. King Fashion representatives could not be reached for comment.

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Arrest warrant out for Cambodian spy

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A Cambodian army officer, who went on the run recently, now faces an
arrest warrant over espionage charges, Si Sa Ket Governor Somsak
Suwannasujarit said yesterday.

The man, identified as Ya Pao or Wichai, is believed to be a colonel
attached to the Cambodian army’s intelligence corps. He was one of the
men arrested last week for allegedly supplying Cambodia with details of
Thai military installations and shelters. The other two alleged spies,
currently in court custody, are a Thai and a Vietnamese.
Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva admitted that the Cambodia suspect had
escaped, but added that an investigation was underway and that Thai
military had no problem handling national defence despite the escape.
a senior Vietnamese diplomat has contacted the prison authorities in
Kantharalak district to visit suspect Wiang Teng Yang, but an approval
from the military is still pending. The Second Army Area, which is in
charge of all military operations in the Northeast, is coordinating with
the Foreign Ministry over the request.
A media website, quoting a
Voice of America report, said the Cambodian army was now recruiting
5,000 reservists. However, a military spokesman said this was a routine
operation, and had nothing to do with the armed conflicts with Thailand.
The Nation
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