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Cambodian soldiers to join peacekeeping exercise in Thailand amid border row

Cambodia on Thursday afternoon sent a
group of 47 armed forces to Thailand to join the Ayara Guardian 2011, a
multi-national peace-keeping exercise, which runs from June 13 to July

Speaking during a see-off ceremony at the Phnom Penh
International Airport, Prak Sokhon, Secretary of State for the Council
of Ministers and chairman of the National Coordination Committee of the
United Nations Peacekeeping Operation, said that the exercise would be a
good chance for Cambodian troops to learn from senior military trainers
from the United States, Indonesia, and the United Nations.

“Our participation in international exercises is to strengthen our
military capacity and to keep up with the evolution of military skills
from other countries,” he said.

The dispatch of the troops to
Thailand occurred at a time when Cambodian and Thailand troops are
still confronting over the border dispute.

“The peacekeeping
exercise in Thailand is for humanitarian activities only under the
umbrella of the United Nations, not relevant to the border issue,” said
Prak Sokhon.

Cambodia and Thailand have had a border conflict
just a week after Cambodia’s Preah Vihear temple was listed as a World
Heritage Site on July 7, 2008.

Since then, both sides have
built up military forces along the border and periodic clashes have
happened, resulting in the deaths of troops and civilians on both sides.


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