Learn To Cook Khmer Foods

* Soup (Samlor)

Vegetarian (Samlor Kor Ko)

Khmer Lemon Grass Soup (Samlor Machou)

Khmer Lemony Fish Soup (Sngor Chrouk Trey)

Pumkin And Pork Soup (Sngor Lapov Sach Chrok)

Bamboo Shoot And Slirk Ngup Soup (Samlor Trapang Slirk Ngup)

* Grilled, Bake, Broiled (Dot-Ang)

Grilled Fish With Green mango slaw (Trey Ang Svay Kchey)

Bake Plum Chicken (Sach Moan Ang)

Grilled Lemon Grass Pork Ribs (Sach Chrok Prolak Kroeung Ang)

* Stir-Fry (Char)

Spicy Lemon Grass Frog ( Kong kep Char Kroeung)

Chicken With Ginger (Sach Moan Char Knhey)

Beef With Snow Peas Stir-Fry (Sach Ko Char Sandek)

* Khmer Noodle (Num Banh Chok Khmer)

Chicken Curry Noodle (Num Banh Chok Kari Moan)

Khmer Noodle Soup With Fingers Rhizome Roots

* Khmer Dessert (Bonk-Em Khmer)

Banana And Tapioca Pudding (Chek Khtist)

Pumkin Custard (Sangkhya Lapov)

Jackfruit & Tapioca Pearl in Coconut Milk (Borbor Knoaw)

Taro Dumpling in Coconut Syrup (Banh Cha-noerk)

* Khmer Fruits & Herbs (Ple Cher Khmer)

Khmer Fruits

Khmer Herbs and Vegetables

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