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Arrest warrant out for Cambodian spy

A Cambodian army officer, who went on the run recently, now faces an
arrest warrant over espionage charges, Si Sa Ket Governor Somsak
Suwannasujarit said yesterday.

The man, identified as Ya Pao or Wichai, is believed to be a colonel
attached to the Cambodian army’s intelligence corps. He was one of the
men arrested last week for allegedly supplying Cambodia with details of
Thai military installations and shelters. The other two alleged spies,
currently in court custody, are a Thai and a Vietnamese.
Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva admitted that the Cambodia suspect had
escaped, but added that an investigation was underway and that Thai
military had no problem handling national defence despite the escape.
a senior Vietnamese diplomat has contacted the prison authorities in
Kantharalak district to visit suspect Wiang Teng Yang, but an approval
from the military is still pending. The Second Army Area, which is in
charge of all military operations in the Northeast, is coordinating with
the Foreign Ministry over the request.
A media website, quoting a
Voice of America report, said the Cambodian army was now recruiting
5,000 reservists. However, a military spokesman said this was a routine
operation, and had nothing to do with the armed conflicts with Thailand.
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