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Cargo plane crashes in Pakistan

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Pakistani volunteers and firefighters struggle to extinguish a fire at the site of a plane crash in Karachi (AP)

A cargo plane has crashed into homes in Karachi, Pakistan, soon after take-off, setting off a huge blaze and killing the Russian crew on board, the civil aviation authority said.

The Russian-made plane came down in an upmarket neighbourhood of Pakistan’s largest city at around 1.50am on Sunday local time. Witnesses said one of the plane’s engines was on fire when it flew overhead.

Fire engines sprayed foam on to the crash site and as the flames died down, rescuers began searching through the destroyed buildings, looking for bodies or survivors.

The plane came down in a housing complex for naval officers.

Hundreds of people came to see the spectacle and film it with their mobile phones, hampering access for emergency workers.

Witness Hasan Hashmi said fire could be seen from one of the plane’s engines as it flew overhead.

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