The Last King of Angkor

Ponha Yat or Gam Yat in c 1432

He decided to move his court to Tuol Basan, in the province of Kampong Cham at the present day, on the eastern side of the Mekong river just above the forks. After remaining there only a year, he moved his capital again in c 1434, this time to Krong Chatomuka ( four faces ) at the junction of the Tonle Mekong river.Phnom Penh city by King Ponha Yat in c 1433/4

Phnom Penh: The Royal Capital of Cambodia

Phnom Penh first became the royal capital of Cambodia in 1432 after His Majesty Ponhea Yat, king of the Khmer Empire, moved the capital from Toul Bassan (presently called Srey Santhor) at Angkor Thom after it was captured by Siam a few years earlier. There are stupa behind Wat Phnom that house the remains of Ponhea Yat and the royal family as well as the remaining Buddhist statues from the Angkorean era.

Phnom Penh remained the royal capital for 73 years from 1432 to 1505 when it was abandoned for 360 years from 1505 to 1865 by subsequent kings due to internal fighting between the royal pretenders. Later kings moved the capital several times and established their royal capitals at various locations in Tuol Basan (Srey Santhor), Pursat, Longvek, Lavear Em and Oudong. According to the historical records, in the 1600s, many Japanese immigrants had settled on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. But it was not until 1865 that Phnom Penh became the permanent royal capital of Cambodia when King Norodom I, great grandfather of Norodom Sihanouk, ordered 10,000 of his subjects to move out of the old royal capital of Oudong and settled in.


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