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Thai PM says Cambodian spy escapes

BANGKOK, June 16 – Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on
Thursday said he has received a report that a Cambodian spy has escaped
and that the incident confirmed that Thailand did not fabricate the spy

Three suspects on spying charges –Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese
nationals– were arrested in Si Sa Ket’s Kantaralak district on
suspicion of spying on Thai military facilities.

Mr Abhisit said he could confirm that the one who has escaped was a Cambodian military officer but his rank remains unknown.

He also denied Cambodia’s accusation that Thailand fabricated the spy
case, saying the country did not arrest innocent people as the
investigation found evidence that implicated them.

Thailand will in consequence present the information to the international community, the prime minister said.

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Suchart Muhammad, a 32-year-old Thai, Ung Kimtai, a 43-year-old
Cambodian and Nguyen Tengyang, 37, a Vietnamese, were arrested ten days
ago at a Thai border village in the northeastern province of Si Sa Ket
for alleged spying on Thai military facilities and bunkers built to
shelter Thai villagers in the event of cross-border attacks or shelling.

The Cambodian Foreign Ministry said in its statement released Friday
that it “categorically rejects this deceitful fabrication by the Thai
authorities and prime minister, intending to mislead the public and
malign Cambodia”, adding it had no need to spy on Thailand.

“The Royal Government of Cambodia wishes to assert that the above
fabrication is only a pretext to justify future aggression against
Cambodia,” the Agence France Press news agency quoted the statement as
saying. (MCOT online news)

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