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Opinion regarding VOA’s article "Analysts See Political Maneuver in Hun Sen Speech"

Opinion by P. Ma 

The following is Mr. Pretty Ma’s opinion regarding the VOA’s article  “Analysts See Political Maneuver in Hun Sen Speech  “
HERO (left) VS ZERO (right)
It could be a political backfire for the PM.
While political analysts see things somewhat differently out from revelation of HUN-KEM affairs, I think it is actually enhancing the prospect of merging between SRP and HRP. But, the ball is now in HRP’s court corner. It has two choices to make, not much left though. It could join SRP as a winning partner or reducing itself to the state of irrelevancy, after the next election. The good people of HRP abroad are truly devastated by the tape leak. Most felt deeply betrayed while others just went numb and speechless. They just could not believe what they were hearing. They are nationalists and they were not in any mood, shape or form to be stained with a party that collaborated in a sub-servient state like to Hun Sen. I am sure, there are plenty of soul searching among our HRP compatriots, and that is why, I think it will probably surprise Hun Sen and many who thought on the contrary. The desire to merge and to even the score with the PM could happen, finally. HRP realizes fully that with this damaging revelation, its funding source has quickly dried out. Financial aspect will become a major issue going forward for the party. It would be very challenging for anyone to try to organize a public event for Mr. Kem Sokha’s next visit to North America. That is a sad reality, but that is the reality of today.
As for Mr. Hun Sen, he can twist and turn in any directions he wishes. Cambodia people are getting a whole lot wiser now, and this old trick of his could become a political liability. The PM might be successful in destroying his old ally, Kem Sokha and HRP, but he won’t be able to convince the Cambodian people at large against Sam Rainsy. Sam Rainsy has stood up to Hun Sen on all national issues in defend of his people and the nation’s interests – something other political parties would not ever dare touching for fear of political reprisal. Just look at the case border encroachment, removing marker planted deep inside farmers’ land which forced Vietnam to removed other illegal markers along that line. Defending Cambodia’s interests, this is where Sam Rainsy knows best and has never been afraid to act upon when situation called for. Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy are two completely different individuals, with different values, principles and mindset. KI-Media has a pretty clear definition of the two men, I don’t have to add anything. You’ll be the judges.
The only political opponent that Hun Sen fears most, is Sam Rainsy. Why? because Sam Rainsy can’t be bought, bribed or intimidated – a fierce opponent who refuse to go down regardless how hard you try.
We know who Sam Rainsy is. What he stands for? What he has given up in his most successful life? What he has done? And where he wants his country going forward? He is not a leader who is taking order from Hun Sen, or fearful of the man, or even reducing himself to being a “yes, Samdach here” , “yes Samdach there”. He is not the type of leader who will compromise on selling out his nation bit and pieces for the benefit of his own pocket. He is Sam Rainsy, a true living hero of Cambodia.
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