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Cambodia: Women Entrepreneurs and Social Media

Photo courtesy of @homePhotography by Jerry
The Cambodian Women in Business
page was established on Facebook in November 2009 to share the
experience of women in doing business and networking in Cambodia. Since
then, a number of formal gatherings has been held by the network through
the support of the International Finance Cooperation of Cambodia. Last week, the first informal gathering was successfully organized through individual contributions.
About 40 network participants showed up at the gathering last June 3
to discuss the role of Facebook in facilitating their various
businesses. The event was participated by bloggers, e-entrepreneurs,
business women, and civil society organizations.
The discussion initially touched on the emergence of new social media tools which can reach a bigger and specialized target audience compared to the reach of the traditional media. Then the panelists and participants shared some tips on how to maximize Facebook for the expansion of their businesses.
“Ana and Jerry shared tricks on how to increase the number of fans: invite friends
[while they are online, so that they can quickly respond to your friend
request], encourage friends to click the “like” button as your page
appears on their profile and your services are advertised through their
profile; use advertising.”
Then the e-commerce startup via Facebook was also discussed. Linda Lee, a young university student and owner of an online shop named Unique Style Online Shop,” urged other entrepreneurs to use various social media platforms to boost business profitability. Linda emphasizes:
Photo by author: the lady who is holding the microphone is Linda Lee
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