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Asus New G74Sx 17-inch 3D Gaming Laptop

Asus jas just introduce their new G74Sx 17-inch 3D gaming laptop.
Asus, a brand known for its Republic of Gamers (ROG) notebooks,
announced its G74Sx gaming laptop at the Computex tradeshow. The G74Sx
is Asus’s first 17-inch 3D laptop.
This G74Sx will feature a second-generation quad-core i5 or i7
processor and Nvidia’s latest GPU, the GTX 560M. This notebook will also
have a full-HD Display and use Nvidia’s 3D Vision for 3D content.
Like its G72 predecessor, the G74Sx comes with an innovative thermal
design which makes use of twin fans at both the front and back of the
laptop to maintain constant air flow. Cooling technology is especially
important for such a notebook as graphic-intensive games can generate
lots of heat.
Also, the company has equipped the G74Sx with several easy-to-use overclocking features for better gaming performance.
Asus has not stated the price or release date for the G74Sx, although more details are expected to be announced in early June.
News From asia.cnet.com
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