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The HTC Sensation™ 4G at T-Mobile

Instant sensory overload, courtesy of the HTC Sensation™ 4G.

Instant Watchification.
With HTC Watch™, you’ve got instant access to an entire arsenal of
entertainment. New sounds. New games.  New releases. Now on-demand.

Total Waitlessness.
With a 1.2Ghz dual core processor primed for the nation’s largest 4G
network, you can multitask apps, games and gadgets, and download massive
movie files without catching a single glimpse of the dreaded buffering

Every Last Detail.
With a streamlined unibody aluminum design, infinite ways to make it
yours and an 8-megapixel camera on board, it’s got every detail covered
and every detail captured.

Absolute Sense.
With HTC Sense™ improving upon the improvements of Android 2.3, you’ve
got deep social network integration across a ton of different apps,
custom HTC widgets, animated displays, automated updates, and infinite
ways to customize.

Unpixelated Bliss.
With a massive 4.3″ qHD touchscreen, everything you watch – every color,
motion, movie, game and Android app – literally jumps off the screen in

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