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Tips How To Choose Comfortable Shoes

We have all been there: we go to the store, find a gorgeous pair of
heels, buy them and wear them out that night. Only within an hour of
wearing them our feet are in absolute pain and you just can’t walk in
them any longer! Nothing is more embarrassing than limping along in a
shoe that you just can’t wear because they are downright uncomfortable.
No one should feel the need to bring along a pair of flats or flip
flops to throw on in case their 4-inch heel causes their feet such grave
misery all night.
No matter how old you are, you want to wear hot yet comfortable
shoes. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style; you can have
both! These tips will definitely have you looking as sexy as possible
and leave your feet feeling great.
Tip #1: Try the Shoe On
The internet offers up a wealth of shoes for you to choose from, but
how do you know which are going to be comfortable for you? Unless the
online store has a great return policy and will allow you to exchange
sizes or get a refund, you will want to go to a store and try on the
Tip #2: You CAN wear Stilettos
What woman isn’t afraid of wearing stiletto heels all night long? We all are! You can still wear that stiletto heel
without having your feet give out on you by the end of the night. Make
sure that the front of the shoe has a bit of a platform, any where from
¾-inch to 1-inch, as this will make them more comfortable for you
Tip #3: Or Skip the Stiletto and Go for the Wedge
Wedge heels are by far the most comfortable shoes that will give you
that height a stiletto offers. Wedge heels help prevent your foot from
being in an extreme slant, so your ankle and the balls of your feet
won’t be in horrible pain.
Tip #4: Go for Support
Your foot needs to be properly supported if you are going to be
wearing a high heel all night. If you happen to have a rather narrow
foot, then choose a shoe that has sling backs or choose a shoe that
offers ankle straps. You don’t want to have your foot slipping out of
your heel all night, as this will cause your foot to try and “grip” the
shoe. This will cause foot cramping and pain.
Tip #5: For Wide or Swelling Feet
There are wide shoes out there, so make sure you focus on buying the
wide version of any shoe out on the market. Shoes that are too tight
will only result in blisters and even more swelling!
Tip #6: A Cushioned Sole is your Bet Friend
Never choose a stiletto with a hard sole – never! Or if you do, make
sure you put in a foot insert (though foot inserts will reduce the
actual size of the shoe by half a size to a full size, to keep that in
mind). You can find a ton of stylish heels these days with foot
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