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The world is so blind

Santel Phin, the founder of

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I am not a politician. I am like any other Cambodian people, we like
peace. We don’t want to make any war against anybody, especially our
neighbors. That was our own mistake that have made lost a lot of lands. 
REUTERS PICTURES. Cambodia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Chhum Socheat
(R) and Cambodia’s government spokesman Phay Siphan address the media
during a news conference at the Council of Ministers in Phnom Penh April
22, 2011.
This is the history. We need to accept what happened and learned from
After years of war, Cambodia found its stable both on politic and economy.
Anybody will ask the same question, why Cambodia want to make war
with Thailand? Even before this, who started to send troops to border
and made up everything?
We need to come out of the box. We need to isolate ourselves from
Thais medias. Don’t let them fool you around. Thailand has power in
medias and weapons. They smiled and talked anything they want. People
will listen to them. They are good in acting. Hollywood should make a
film about them.
Cambodian government position is remain the same: we will protect our
territory and don’t let anyone invade our country. This is a very clear
statement made by our PM. We are not good in distract people from the
reality. If you invade, we fire. This is the simple logic, moreover it
is a natural reaction.
Cambodia has no intention or provoke any war with Thailand. We need
time to rebuild the country, we have enough bad memory with war. There’s
no reason for a country to make war with another country that has
stronger economy of 26 times than its own. The Cambodian army spent $191
million in 2009, compared with $4.9 billion for the military in
Thailand, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research
Institute (source).
Thailand keep repeating Cambodia started the fire first. They are protecting their territory. These are the series photos
of a Thai’s base that they are using to fire into Cambodia territory.
Do you feel any protecting gesture? The journalist also confirmed there’s no sign of fire back from Cambodia.
And check out the result from this video, Thais’ rackets bombed on Cambodian villages and make thousands of people homeless.
They also mentioned the 3 F16 jets flying around the fighting area is
on training. If you believe what they said, the world is so blind. UN
is blind, USA is blind. How can you ask Cambodia to restraint when
Thailand is invading their country. Asean can’t do anything. They can’t
make Thailand accept the observers. 
But we are grateful for the efforts
of the Indonesia FM.
The war still continue as long as Thailand has two colors: yellow and
red. They will continue to use border issue to save their political
crisis. On the other hand, their nonsense behaviors will give bad image of Thailand to the world.
I believed a lot of Cambodian people feel very upset with Thais. We
are neighbors for a thousand years. It is sad to see this thing happen. I
hope the world will see the reality and react in the right way to
finish this war.
Let’s share your opinion about this matter and help to share
information from Cambodian sides, so that the world can see from both
sides. You can follow me at twitter for more update on the issue.
Source: Khmerbird
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