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Women find Men with iPhones more Attractive

Men with iPhones are more attractive to women than their counterparts
who don’t use the Apple Inc. device, according to a survey by a British
cellphone retailer.
Among 1,500 women surveyed by Phones 4U Ltd., 54 per cent said they
would be likelier to date a man with an iPhone, the
Newcastle-under-Lymebased company said.
The iPhone has helped Apple to surpass analysts’ earnings estimates.
The company said Wednesday that second-quarter net income almost doubled
to $3.07 billion US, boosted by the shipment of 8.75 million iPhones.
About two million iPhones have been sold in Britain, with 75 per cent
of the touch-screen devices going to men aged 18 to 40, according to
Phones 4U.
Downloads of dating applications for smartphones exceeded 250,000 last year, Phones 4U said.
In the survey, 37 per cent said owning an iPhone, which is typically
marketed under a long-term contract, makes a man seem more reliable and a
better candidate for a second date.
So Guys better save some cash and buy an iPhone. You wont regret it icon smile Women find Men with iPhones more Attractive
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