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Hun Sen: I will be prime minister forever

Minister Hun Sen (pictured) has again reiterated his intention to rule
Cambodia for as long as he live and as long as the people continue to
support him.

In a speech during the inauguration of a high
school in Kandal province on Monday, 4th April, Mr. Hun Sen said he
will rule as prime minister indefinitely as long the his Cambodian
People’s Party and the people still support him. “I
will continue to rule into the future without a time frame to leave
office. The most important thing is whether the people voted for me or
not. That’s what important. Don’t talk about too long or too short or
about other issue [Arab-style revolution] in other places. The issue in
Cambodia is that we have elections every 5 years and if the party still
support me and the people still vote for me, I will continue (as PM)”,
he said.

Hun Sen is resisting a call for the term limit of the prime minister in
Cambodia, saying Cambodia is not the same as countries in the Western
World. “There are calls for a term
limit, 2 terms, 3 terms. You (opposition parties) can limit your own
term as president of the party to 3 or 4 terms is up to you. The
president of my party (Mr. Chea Sim), even though he is very old, is
still the party president. The party’s honourary president (Mr. Heng
Samrin) is still the honourary president, there won’t be a change. If
you want to introduce a system, just do it for yourselves, but in
Cambodia it is a Cambodian issue and everyone of them wanted to
introduce a term limit? No way! What the hell do we want it for!”,
he said.

opposition leaders, Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha, have consistently
called for a term limit for the prime minister, preferably a two-term
limit similar to the term limit for the U.S presidency. But, 59
year-old Mr. Hun Sen who became prime minister of Cambodia in 1985
after serving six years as foreign minister, strongly resisted that
call. He has said in the past that he will continue serve a prime
minister until he is 90 years old.

By Khmerization
Source: RFA
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