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Cambodian PM: I only make $1,150 per month

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen holds up a document detailing his
personal assets Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) office in Phnom Penh on
April 1, 2011. Sen urged other officials to follow his lead in a bid to
tackle rampant graft. (TANG CHHIN SOTHY/AFP/Getty Images)
Cambodia’s Prime Minister makes less than a Burger King cashier.
So he says, at least. Here’s Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rogue
cadet-turned-political gamesman holding a certificate that details his
income. Like all Cambodian politicians and bureaucrats, he’s now
required by law to divulge his earnings every two years.

He only makes $1,150 per month, his official salary.

Does anyone believe this?
Not really. 
Cambodia’s government is one of the world’s most corrupt, according
to Transparency International, which puts the country in the same
league as Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Half of all Cambodians, their
survey says, paid a bribe in the last 12 months.
In spirit, Cambodia’s newfound anti-corruption push is great.
Roughly 100,000 bureaucrats and politicians have to declare their
property, vehicles, business interests and other holdings. Lie and get
a year in prison and a $500 fine.
But the loopholes are big enough to fly a jet through. No one has
to divulge the assets of their spouses or kids. And all the assets are
confidential. (Hun Sen was just feeling confessional when he invited
reporters to witness his declaration.)
Also, bank accounts outside the country aren’t monitored, so says a researcher for Global Witness explains to ABC Radio Australia.
And let’s assume there’s no receipt and tax form issued for the bribes paid by half of all Cambodians.
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