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Acer One Happy series netbook

Acer which figures in the top pc manufacturers in India along with HP, HCL, Dell and Lenovo has launched a new netbook series. Acer One Happy
is the new series laptops which come in peppy colors of green, blue and
pink. The netbook costs Rs. 17000 ($382.00) and comes with one year warranty.
Acer One Happy is powered by 1.67 GHz Intel Atom N550 processor and
comes with a 10-inch screen. For the enthusiastic a dual-boot option is
provided out of the box with Android and Windows 7 as the OS options. A
RAM choice of 1GB or 2GB is available and the series comes with a 250
GB hard drive. Acer One Happy weighs 1.25 kgs and has 3 USB ports and a
S-Video TV out port.
The specifications are standard specifications and the most noteworthy
feature on these laptops are its colors. Gone are the days of dull grey
and laptops. Manufacturers have put on their creative hat and coming up
with various designs not just in solid colors. Acer’s Happy series
laptops sure does reflect a lot of happy mood with its colors. The
computing prices are falling down and a laptop at Rs. 17000 ($382.00) with decent
hardware on it looks like a decent buy.

Source : Yahoo

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