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Cambodia to play in U-16

Kuala Lumpur: AFC has approved Cambodia’s request to participate in the
2012 AFC U-16 Championship qualifiers. The draw for the qualifiers will
be held at the AFC House on March 30.

With the inclusion of Cambodia, total 40 teams have entered
the fray for this edition of the tournament and have been divided into
two zones – West (22) and East (18).

The teams will be divided
into seven groups of six and five teams each. West Zone will have two
groups of six and two of five teams while East will have three groups
of six teams each.

Top two teams from each of the groups and third best team from West and East zones will qualify for the tournament proper.


West by ranking
Uzbekistan, 2. UAE, 3. Syria, 4. Iraq, 5. Iran, 6. Kuwait, 7.
Tajikistan, 8. Oman, 9. Saudi Arabia, 10. Bahrain, 11. Yemen, 12.
Bangladesh, 13. Qatar, 14. Nepal, 15. Kyrgyzstan, 16. Pakistan, 17.
India, 18. Afghanistan, 19. Lebanon, 20. Palestine, 21. Maldives, 22.
Sri Lanka.

East by ranking
1.  DPR Korea, 2.
Australia, 3. Japan, 4. Indonesia, 5. Vietnam, 6. China, 7. Timor
Leste, 8. Chinese Taipei, 9. Thailand, 10. Laos, 11. Hong Kong, 12.
Singapore, 13. Korea Republic, 14. Myanmar, 15. Malaysia, 16. Guam, 17.
Cambodia, 18. Macau.

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