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Mayweather set to fight Pacquiao – in court

Unbeaten US boxer Floyd Mayweather will fight Filipino star Manny
Pacquiao after all, although it will be a legal dispute after a federal
judge denied a motion to dismiss the case.
Unbeaten US boxer Floyd Mayweather, seen here, will fight Filipino star
Manny Pacquiao after all, although it will be a legal dispute after a
federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the case.
Pacquiao filed a defamation lawsuit against Mayweather, among
others, that US District Judge Larry Hicks ruled can proceed because
there is sufficient evidence of malicious acts in accusing Pacquiao of
being a dope cheat.
“The truth did not stop Mayweather and the
others,” Pacquiao’s lawsuit contends. “That is because they are
motivated by ill will, spite, malice, revenge and envy.”
and the others set out on a course designed to destroy Pacquiao’s
career, reputation, honor and legacy and jeopardize his ability to earn
the highest levels of compensation.”
Pacquiao has never tested
positive for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) but in the 2009 lawsuit
he claims that Mayweather, his father Floyd Snr and uncle Roger,
promoter Oscar de la Hoya and his employee, Richard Schaefer conducted
a campaign in a set of interviews to make people think he used them.
argue that Pacquiao has failed to sufficiently allege malice because
defendants could not have known one way or the other whether Pacquiao
had actually taken PEDs when they made the alleged defamatory
statements,” Hicks wrote in the order upholding the lawsuit.
“However, the court finds that Pacquiao has sufficiently pled malice in the amended complaint.”
Mayweather and Pacquiao were in talks to stage a megafight between two
of boxing’s biggest stars but negotiations collapsed over demands by
Mayweather that both fighters have blood and urine tests up to 14 days
before the bout.
Pacquiao said he would feel weakened by blood
tests within 24 days of the fight and would not agree to tests any
closer to a bout.
Mayweather Promotions attorney Mark Tratos said
he would continue to push for dismissal of the case, saying comments at
the time were made about Pacquiao’s hesitancy regarding blood tests and
did not claim he was a dope cheat.
Pacquiao attorney Dan Petrocelli said his client’s career would suffer major damage if fans believed he used banned substances.
has an unblemished reputation and has earned all of his achievements
through hard work and his natural-born talent and to call him a cheater
is something he cannot and will not tolerate,” Petrocelli said.
of these defendants have had any evidence to back up the assertion that
he has taken performance-enhancing drugs because he didn’t.”
34, faces an April 25 trial date on a battery charge over an
altercation with a security guard for his homeowners association, who
claims Mayweather poked him during a November argument regarding cars
parking outside Mayweather’s home.
Mayweather also faces a court
hearing on April 28 on domestic violence charges that could send the
fighter to prison for up to 34 years in prison if convicted of all
charges, which include felony counts of grand larceny, coercion and
Mayweather is accused of striking and threatening former
girlfriend Josie Harris, stealing her mobile phone and threatening two
of their children in an incident on September 9.
Boxing fans have
hoped that Mayweather, 41-0 with 25 career knockouts, would fight
Pacquiao but Mayweather’s legal woes have put such talk on hold.
52-3 with two draws and 38 knockouts and a winner of 13 fights in a row
in the past six years, is set to face 39-year-old US fighter Shane
Mosley, 46-6 with one draw and 39 knockouts, on May 7 in Las Vegas.
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