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Cambodia to ask Indonesia to continue to act as mediator in 2012: PM

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said
Thursday that Cambodia will ask Indonesia to continue to act as
mediator in 2012 when Cambodia would be ASEAN chair.

will be ASEAN chair in 2012, so Cambodia cannot play as both footballer
and referee at the same time in the negotiation of the dispute with
Thailand, ” Hun Sen said during closing the national conference of the
Ministry of Interior, which attended by 350 senior national police.

we will ask Indonesia to mediate the negotiations between Cambodia and
Thailand on behalf of ASEAN. Cambodia will not use the role of ASEAN
chair in negotiating with Thailand,” he said. “This is a preliminary
initiative,” he said.

“Now, the most important thing, we wish, is Indonesia to send observers as soon as possible to the border,” he said.

Sen thanked Indonesia, as ASEAN chair, has played important role in
convening the ASEAN foreign minister’s meeting on Feb. 22, adding that
the meeting has made very good results which were needed by Cambodia
and Thailand, as well as the ASEAN.

The premier suggested that
the first bilateral meeting between Cambodia and Thailand will be held
in Indonesia with the presence of ASEAN chair or representative and the
first meeting will be the defense ministerial one.

Meanwhile, Hun Sen said that Thailand need not to withdraw its troops from its border.

have not requested Thailand to withdraw armed forces from its
territory, your forces on your territory is your rights, and Cambodian
forces are on Cambodian land, it’s Cambodia’s rights,” he said. “I just
suggested Thai side for no mobility of armed forces.”

premier’s remark was made following the announcement of Thai Prime
Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Wednesday that the Thai army will not
withdraw any troops from the Thai-Cambodian border, even though
Indonesia is about to send a team of observers there. “I confirmed that
Cambodia respected ceasefire and Cambodia has never invaded the other
and has never opened fire first on the other,” he said.

“If any
Cambodian troops invade Thai territory, Thai can shoot them, and if
Thai troops violate Cambodia, Cambodia will smash on the site or arrest
on the site too,” he added. “I publicly order my troops, don’t violate
the other.”

The premier said that if Thailand does not invade and Cambodia does not invade, there will be no further clashes.

and Thailand have had border conflict just a week after Cambodia’s
Preah Vihear temple was enlisted as World Heritage Site on July 7, 2008.

the informal ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting in Jakarta on Feb. 22, at
the invitations of Thailand and Cambodia, Indonesia agreed to send its
30 observers to the disputed border areas near the 11th century Preah
Vihear temple soon in order to monitor the ceasefire between the two

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations include
Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Source: Xinhua  

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