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Thai PM agrees to debate Cambodian border dispute issues with PAD

prime minister has agreed to a proposal for a debate with the People’s
Alliance for Democracy on the border dispute with Cambodia, but the
yellow shirts are pushing for two separate forums.

Vejjajiva (pictured) yesterday accepted a proposal by the Thai
Broadcast Journalists Association, which offered to broker talks
between the government and the PAD.

He said the proposed debate
should set a clear goal to support a better understanding and build
national unity between the government and the yellow shirts in dealing
with the border conflict with Cambodia.

debate should not degenerate into a quarrel or be a forum for each side
to promote its version of the conflict on television, he said.

Abhisit said it would not be right for the two parties to use the
debate just to exchange words or to present sensitive issues that might
cause harm to the country.

The PAD and the government had
different information on the border issue and they should compare notes
to reach a unified stance.

He called on the two sides to stop
pointing fingers at each other, particularly in the case of Thai
Patriots Network coordinator Veera Somkwamkid and his secretary Ratree
Pipattanapaibul, who have been jailed in Phnom Penh for illegal entry,
trespassing in a military area and espionage.

Mr Abhisit
insisted the government had done its best to try to secure the release
of the two Thais linked with the PAD, and dismissed the yellow shirts’
claim that the government had never contacted them about holding talks.

PAD has turned down the idea of a debate with the government. It wants
two three-hour forums in which the government and the yellow shirts
would present the public with information on the border dispute.

PAD spokesman Parnthep Pourpongpan said yesterday a debate with the government was unnecessary.

Two forums, broadcast live, should be held – one for the media and the other open to the public.

Each would be three hours long and the audience would be able to ask questions and present their own views.

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