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Cambodian commanders warned of retaliation if Thai troops do not stop firing into Cambodian territory

Cambodian troops emerged from bunkers after fighting on 4th February.
Cambodian commanders have told on Wednesday 26th February warned Thai troops that Cambodian troops will retaliate if Thai troops do not stop attacking Cambodian troops based at Preah vihear areas.

A Cambodian soldier told RFA that Cambodian commanders had warned Thai commanders during a meeting on Wednesday. “Today,
nothing happened. We talked to each other, our commanders are talking
to each other. But if there is another explosion of weapons, we will
warn them. Only they were firing the weapons. They fired high into the
he said.

A few days ago, the Cambodian Foreign
Ministry had issued a statement accusing Thai troops of firing 81mm
artillery shells and machine guns into Cambodian territory from 5 pm.
on 15th to 5 a.m on 16th February. furthermore, Thai troops attempted
to throw hand grenades into Cambodian territory, but the grenades hit
the tree and bounced back, exploded and injured many Thai troops.

In an interview with Mr. Yun Samean of RFA, the Cambodian soldier denied all Thai charges.

Yun Samean: The Thai media reported that Cambodian troops crossed into Thai territory to cut barbed wires.

Cambodian soldier:
No, this is a story-twisting by the Thais to defame the Cambodian
troops. Why should we do like that, we always wish that they (Thai
soldiers) stay calm so we all can do business together.

Samean: The Thai side was shooting or the Cambodian side was shooting?

The Thai side was the one shooting among themselves. They fired many
rounds of 75mm rockets and exploded a number of hand grenades. They
said that we Khmers were the ones who were shooting, but in fact they
were the ones shooting among themselves. They thrown grenades, but we
didn’t respond. The general situations have eased now.

By Khmerization
Source: RFA
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