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Preah Vihear’s latest

has sent 110 tanks and 20,000 troops to the borders with Cambodia. At
the Preah Vihear border front lines at Chak Chreng, Veal Entry, Phnom
Trop, Ta Sem, Ta Thav and Sombok Khmum opposite of Preah Vihear temple,
about 6,000 Thai troops have been deployed there.
Pictures of displaced people at a makeshift camp near Kulen.
-Thai troops at
Phnom Trop last night, Saturday12th February, have lopped 10 grenades
at Cambodian troops to provoke a fight, but Cambodian troops did not

-The Kmapuchea Thmey Daily reported that at 11:30 a.m,
Thai troops had exploded 15 hand grenades in front of their trenches at
Phnom Trop to provoke a fight with Cambodian troops.

families, including 60 policeman’s families, have been evacuated from
the front lines near Preah Vihear to Kulen district, 70 km away from the
front lines.

-In Koh Kong today, Thailand had reinforced more
troops to the areas near Cambodian front lines, causing people to
evacuate themselves from areas.

By Khmerization
Sources: DAP News and Kampuchea Thmey
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