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Russia, France, China and India support Cambodia’s legal resolution to the Khmer-Thai congflict

Kampuchea Themy Daily reported that Russia, China, France and India
have offered their supports to Cambodia’s position to have the
Khmer-Thai border conflict resolved through legal channels and France has offered to make available Cambodia-Thai border maps to any nations interested
to have them. However, Thailand has rejected France’s offer outright.

Thai troops had provoked a fight:
Front line troops reported that at 10 p.m on Wednesday night, 9th
February, Thai troops attempted to provoke a fight by throwing hand
grenades at Cambodian troops at Phnom Trop, but Cambodian troops did
not respond. The next morning, on Thursday 10th, Thai troops had thrown
3 more grenades at Cambodian troops, but, again, they did not respond.

At 3:10 p.m yesterday, Thai fighter jets had flown very close to Cambodian borders and over Preah Vihear temple.

Thai residents at Sisaket opposed visit of yellow shirts:
Thai residents of Sisaket province has staged a small protest against
the planned visit of the Thai yellow shirt People’s Alliance for
Democracy (PAD) to area. The residents blamed the PAD for causing the
fighting with Cambodian troops which have brought them troubles and
affected their life and livelihood.

They have held placards saying:

1. Your group has created the war.
2. You have caused misery for our families.
3. You are not welcomed here.

Sakeo, opposite Cambodia’s Banteay Meanchey province where 7 Thai
trespassers were arrested on 29th December by Cambodian troops, there
are also protests by local villagers against the PAD.

By Khmerization
Source: Kampuchea Thmey
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