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News anchor in court for questioning

Prominent television personality Soy Sopheap (pictured) appeared
yesterday at Phnom Penh Municipal Court for questioning over
allegations that he tampered with letters addressed to a rice trading

A complaint was filed last month by Lim Bun Heng,
director of Loran Import-Export Company, accusing Soy Sopheap of
criminal infringement of correspondence, a charge that carries between
one month and one year jail and fines of up to US$500.

anchor was summoned for questioning by the court last Friday, though
details of the alleged infringement remain vague, with both parties
refusing to comment on specifics.

After leaving the court, Soy Sopheap said he didn’t open the letters, adding that he didn’t know how to use email.

“I have requested the court remove this case because I saw that his complaint does not have any real basis,” he said.

Lim Bun Heng refused to comment yesterday, saying only that the court should follow through with the case.

prosecutor Hin Bun Chea also declined to comment yesterday, but last
week said the complaint was related to the creation of a Deum Ampil
radio station in Battambang province. Soy Sopheap is director of Deum
Ampil News and a presenter for Bayon TV.

Recent comments made by
Soy Sopheap on the government-aligned station have also irked Son
Soubert, the president of the Son Sann Foundation, who has threatened
legal action against Bayon.

On February 4, Soy Sopheap allegedly
made comments suggesting that Son Sann – Son Soubert’s father and a
leading nationalist figure – sold land to Thailand during the 1980s.

Soubert said yesterday that he had sent a letter to Hun Mana, the
general manager of Bayon and Prime Minister Hun Sen’s daughter, asking
that Soy Sopheap’s comments be retracted on-air.

“I have written
to the director of Bayon TV, but she has not yet responded,” he said.
“If Bayon TV does not broadcast my letter, I will sue them. They have
defamed my father.”

Executives at Bayon TV could not be reached yesterday.

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