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Cambodia prepares 167 military trucks to resupply the front lines

The 167 military trucks have been loaded with military and food supplies and will head for the border front lines whenever they received the orders.

are reports that Brigade 991 from the Defence Ministry’s Finance
Department have loaded military and food supplies into 167 military
trucks and are waiting for orders to transport them to border front
lines to defend against the Thai invasion.

Brig-Gen. Hul Sam On,
Transport Unit Commander of Brigade 991, said the 167 trucks had been
loaded and they will leave for border any time to transport those
supplies to the front lines when they are ordered to do so. He said he
and his men had also contributed 1,000,000 riels ($250) to the Bayon TV
Foundation which is trying to raise money to help the families of the
people and soldiers who were killed or wounded during the clashes.

He said Cambodia will defend at all cost the 4.6 sq. km piece of land near Preah Vihear temple claimed by Thailand.

days of fighting from Friday 4th to Monday 7th of February have killed
at least 5 Cambodian soldiers and civilians and wounded 45 others.

sides agreed to a ceasefire and for now the truce is holding but there
are reports of uneasy calm because the Thai military has employed all sorts of provocations and troops manoeuvrings, according to the Cambodian military.

By Khmerization
Source: DAP News
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