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[Updated] Border clash re-erupted Monday morning

Cambodian and Thai troops exchanged fire again on Monday morning at near the controversial temple.

The clash took place at about 8.30am and a helicopter was sent to
check the damage and injuries at the site which is in Si Sa Ket’s
Kantaralak district.
No immediate report about the deaths and wounds was available.
This was another round of fighting between Thailand and Cambodia troops after the first one broke out last Friday.
sides used heavy weapons including rockets, machine guns, mortars and
artillery. The Thai side said Cambodia started the attack, forcing it
to retaliate.
Both senior army officers agreed to a ceasefire on Saturday only to be shattered on Sunday.
Hundreds of local people have been evacuating from the areas. Si Sa
Ket authorities turned city hall and stadiums into shelters for them.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Sunday night sent a letter to
the United Nations Security Council requesting to convene an urgent
meeting to stop Thai invasion into Cambodian territory.
The clashes have already caused many seriously damages to the temple
of Preah Vihear, a World Heritage, according to the report from
Cambodian military stationed at the border area.

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