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Thailand ready to use plane and poison gas to recapture Preah Vihear?

Radio Free Asia: Fresh armed clash in the evening of Sunday 06 Feb
Translated from Khmer by Soy

Cambodia Today Via Ki-Media Online News

Hang Savyuth, a reporter for
Radio Free Asia, reported that a clash took place in front of the Preah
Vihear temple. The clash ended at 10PM on 06 Feb.
Meanwhile the Choam region is still under attack. Several rockets were found falling inside the Preah Vihear temple.
Cambodian troops near the temple. The two sides blame each other for breaking the truce
Hang Savyuth reported at 07PM
that Cambodian and Thai troops stationed near the Preah Vihear temple
fought each other again at 06:29PM on 06 Feb.
The clash started in Chak
Chreng area, Phnom Trop area and in Veal Entry area. At 10PM on 06 Feb,
both sides were still fighting in the Choam Ter region. There is no
report on casualties or injured yet.
The cause of the clash is still unknown, but slightly before the clash, a group of Cambodia cops caused the explosion of an unexploded Thai shell that fell inside Cambodia, the explosion caused 6 injuries and one dead. Following that incident, the clash started in front of Preah Vihear temple.
Report from Thailand indicated that Thai army leaders ordered its troops to do whatever to capture Preah Vihear temple at whatever material cost. Report from the border indicated also that Thailand plans to use planes and poison gas in the fight with Cambodia.
In the evening of 06 Feb, while troops from both sides were fighting each other at the border, Hun Sen wrote a letter to the chairman of the UN Security Council, asking
for an urgent meeting to stop the Thai aggression inside Cambodia
RFA and KI-Media
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