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Thailand postpones goods exhibition in Phnom Penh indefinitely

BANGKOK, Feb 5 — As fresh fighting at the disputed Thai-Cambodian
border erupted, the Thai Commerce Minister Pornthiva Nakasai has
decided to postpone a Thai goods exhibition scheduled to be held in the
Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh for an indefinite period, a spokesman
for the ministry said.
The spokesman said Ms Pornthiva had ordered the
four-day exhibition–which was scheduled to start on February 17–to be
postponed due to security concerns following deadly fighting at the
disputed border which began on Friday.
The postponement of the exhibition, aimed at strengthening economic,
trade and investment between the two neighbouring countries, has
already forced some Thai manufacturers who were supposed to attend the
fair to cancel their participation.
Both Thai and Cambodian troops on Friday afternoon exchanged gunfire
and artillery near the disputed 11th century Preah Vihear temple. Fresh
clashes continued early Saturday.
Meanwhile, Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) deputy chairman Niyom
Waiyaratchapanich said it had to see in detail why the border clashes
broke out.
The TCC did not want to see the fighting escalate. Although Cambodia
and Thailand had a misunderstanding in some cases, bilateral trade
continued as usual.
He said the private sector believed both countries did not want
checkpoints to be closed because it could adversely affect bilateral
In the past, he conceded, the border conflicts had impacted tourism and investment rather than trade.
Mr Niyom said the investment in Cambodia by Thai people had declined
to the 9th rank from the 3rd-4th positions due to the political and
border conflicts.
Previously, more than 200,000 Thai people had travelled to Cambodia annually. Now, the number has been reduced to around 2,000.
Thai-Cambodian trade totaled 50 billion baht in value last year. Of
this, 47 billion baht are of exports to Cambodia and the remaining Bt3
billion are that of imports.
“It is a pity the investment in Cambodia by Thailand continues to
decline while that by China and Vietnam is on the rise. So, the private
sector wants both neighboring countries to turn to negotiations to end
their conflicts quickly,” Mr Niyom said.
Report by : MCOT.NET
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