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Government must go, PAD claims

The People’s Alliance for Democracy resolved yesterday that Abhisit
Vejjajiva government must go. Protesters also agreed to intensify their
rally, although they did not explain how they would try to do this.

At around 8.30pm, thousands of protesters – bigger than previous
days, occupied the areas from Makkhawan Bridge to Misakawan
The PAD had said earlier it would mobilise
supporters yesterday and seek their agreement on how to ramp up the
rally to pressure the government.
Speakers including PAD leader
Chamlong Srimuang took turns to attack the government and military for
their handling of the Thai-Cambodian border dispute.
The speaker
asked protesters: “Who wants to give Abhisit another chance? Please
raise your hand.” After silence, the speaker asked whether the
government must be ousted, the protesters shouted ‘yes’ in response.
yesterday installed layers of barbed wire at Government House and
beefed up security to prevent protesters from getting into the compound.
organisers prohibited weapons and alcohol. Yellow-shirt guards and
plain-clothed police patrolled the rally site while police in uniform
strictly guarded Government House.
PAD has been protesting for 12
days. It is calling for the government to cancel a Memorandum of
Understanding signed with Cambodia in 2000. It also wants Thailand to
withdraw from the World Heritage Committee working on the listing of
Preah Vihear and to push back Cambodians “encroaching” on disputed
territory along the border.
In a press conference yesterday,
Chamlong claimed said that fighting with Cambodia would not have broken
out if the government had followed the PAD’s three demands. It had
yielded to Cambodia because it was so weak and cowardly, he
regard to a challenge by the Army chief that the protesters fight along
the border themselves, Chamlong said he was a veteran soldier but it
was the Army’s duty to push back Cambodians out of “Thai territory”
before negotiating. Thailand had the military capacity to do that
“In previous times, (soldiers) had to fight as it was
important to protect Thai soil. Don’t fear that soldiers will die. All
soldiers know that dying on duty is possible. (Anyone) afraid of wars
should not have become soldiers.”
He said the PAD would send donations to provide food for people evacuated from affected areas along the border.
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