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Fancy a trip to Cambodia or Lapland?

BREATHTAKING: Temple ruins at Angkor Wat
THE CHILDREN’S Centre is hosting two events to promote fundraising trips to Cambodia and Lapland.
from organising company Global Adventure Challenges will be visiting
the island to give presentations on the two events at the Children’s
Centre in Douglas on February 8 and 9.
On Tuesday, February 8,
the Cambodia Challenge will be explained in detail, including
intinerary, accommodation, funding and everything you need to do to
prepare for the event.
On Wednesday, February 9, the focus will be on the Arctic Sledding Challenge in Lapland.
both evenings The Children’s Centre organisers will be on hand to
answer any questions about the charity’s island-wide work with
children, young people and families.
They will also give examples
from previous adventure trips of how the indiviuals who took part found
the events to be both rewarding and exhilarating.
events coordinator Mark Eastham said: ‘In the three years we have been
offering these challenges more than 80 people have taken part in these
once-in-a-lifetime experience and raised more than £100,000 in the
process to support children and young people across the island.’
Siem Reap marks the starting point for the 87km Cambodia Trekking
Challenge to Angkor Wat. It will be hot and dusty and there will be
amazing landscapes which will include trekking through hills, valleys
and dense forests.
The Arctic trip requires you to sled with
huskies 250km from Norway into Sweden, finishing at the world famous
Ice Hotel. The plan is to take six days sledding through the rolling
highlands and deep forests of Lapland.
The Children’s Centre has previously organised trips to Kilimanjaro and the Great Wall of China.
of Man Newspapers photographer Mike Wade, who took part in the
Kilimanjaro trek in 2010, described it as a fanstatic experience and a
chance to push himself to do something he didn’t think he was capable
Mike added: ‘The trip to Kilimanjaro was the kind of thing
that I’d always wanted to do, something I’d always dreamed about doing
but didn’t know how to go about it.
‘The Children’s Centre trip
gave me that opportunity. I’d never done anything like the Kilimanjaro
trek before, and most of the other members of the group hadn’t either,
so we were all in the same boat.’
Due to the demand for previous
events anyone interested in attending either of these launch evenings
is asked to book a place in advance.
To reserve a place contact Mark Eastham on 631917 or email adventure mann@thechildrenscentre.org.im
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