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Leaflet suspects identified

Nov Leakhana, deputy director of the internal security department at
the Interior Ministry, holds up a photograph yesterday of a man
suspected of distributing anti-government leaflets in Battambang. Photo by: Pha Lina
Ministry of Interior officials announced at a National Police meeting
yesterday that provincial courts had issued warrants for the arrest of
four fugitives believed to be hiding in Thailand and suspected of
ordering the distribution of hundreds of anti-government leaflets.

General Nov Leakhana, deputy director of the Internal Security
Department at the Ministry of Interior, said yesterday that a national
police investigation had revealed that six men arrested last week on
suspicion of distributing anti-government leaflets are believed to be
the fugitives’ subordinates.

Nov Leakhana said that three Khmer
Krom ‘ringleaders’ and a female suspect accused of disinformation
ordered six men to distribute leaflets in Phnom Penh, Takeo, Siem Reap,
Battambang, and Preah Sihanouk provinces within the last few months.

Leakhana said that one of the ringleaders was 35-year-old Khmer Krom
Buddhist monk, Thach Kongphuong, who disguised himself in non-religious
clothing and secretly distributed anti-government leaflets in Takeo
province on January 7.

“The four are hiding themselves in Thailand, and among those is a monk,” he said.

investigator for Licadho Am Sam Ath said the distribution of
anti-government leaflets was popular in Cambodia lately and viewed
leaflet distribution as freedom of speech.

“Our country has this
kind of law [about criticising government leaders and inciting civil
unrest] and it restricts the freedom of expression,” he said.

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