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Global forest threat: report

Fishermen hoist a giant Mekong catfish in 2006.
Conservation International has named a biodiversity area that includes
all of Cambodia as the most endangered such region in the world,
claiming it has only 5 percent of its original habitat remaining.
environmental group released a list on Wednesday of the world’s 10 most
threatened “forest hotspots”, grouping Cambodia within the “Indo-Burma”
region, which also includes Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
and small areas in India and China.
All 10 regions on the list
have lost at least 90 percent of their original habitat and contain at
least 1,500 unique plant species, CI said.
Conservation International regional director David Emmett called Cambodia the “jewel” of the Indo-Burma region.
than a quarter of the Kingdom, he said, has been classified as
protected land, in contrast to regional neighbours such as Thailand and
Vietnam that have nearly decimated their forests.
“Cambodia has some of the highest concentrations of the most endangered species in the hotspot,” he said.
Logging and development have taken their toll on Cambodia’s forests and wildlife, however.
officials have announced plans for numerous hydropower dams on the
Mekong River and elsewhere, projects that pose a critical threat to
local fish populations, said Eric Baran, a senior scientist at the
WorldFish Centre.
In its 2010 annual report, the Forestry
Administration said more than 1.3 million hectares worth of economic
land concessions, or roughly 7 percent of Cambodia’s territory, have
been granted to date.
The FA recommended a review of existing concessions to ensure that the land is being used productively.
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