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Thailand threatens war with Cambodia

Thai soldiers hoisting Thai flag in disputed zone.
The military situations near Preah Vihear temple
on the Cambodian-Thai border have become very volatile after Thai PM
Abhisit Vejjajiva threatened Cambodia with war if Cambodia refused to
pull down the Cambodian flag hoisted over a Cambodian pagoda in the
nearby area. Mr. Abhisit said war with Cambodia will be the last resort if Thailand’s wish cannot be achieved through peaceful means.

Thai Foreign Ministry had further fueled the tensions by demanding that
Cambodia dismantle the pagoda and remove the Cambodian flag. When
Cambodia refused, Thai troops had sneaked in to hoist Thai flag which has further fueled the already heightened tensions.

A Cambodian military source said hundreds of Cambodian and Thai troops are confronting each other near Preah Vihear temple,
where they are only about 200 metres apart. The source said Cambodia
will not negotiate with Thai troops like in the past and will use the
self-defence rights to protect Cambodian territory if Thai troops invaded the areas again. “For
that areas, we do not need to negotiate any more. If Thai troops are
sent to the prohibited areas of Sombok Khmum, we will attack. We won’t
he said.

He added that hundreds of Thai troops and tanks have been moved to the area.
“They have sent in the troops, but they were not sent to the front
lines yet, they were only sent to the area behind the front lines.
Hundreds of tanks and troops. Opposite us, there are about 40-50 tanks.
And when we went to ask them why they sent too many troops and tanks to
the area, they said it is for military drills”,
he said.

Cheam Yeap, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and
Audit, said the Cambodian parliament had allocated sufficient fund for
the defence of Cambodian territory against any Thai invasion. “We
are the victims who are invaded and violated by someone, so we are very
hurt and must be more determined to defend ourselves and our
territorial integrity more than those who invaded us. The invaders
don’t have stronger will to fight”,
he said.

By Khmerization
Source: RFA
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