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Sihanouk Ville, The Paradise Islands in Cambodia

Sihanouk Ville
is another post about tourist site in my country, Cambodia. Maybe you’ve
already heard about Sihanouk Ville or Kampong Som. This city was founded in
1964, located in the southern Cambodia coast on the Gulf of Thailand with the
borders of Koh Kong to the north and Kampot to the east. Now Sihanouk Ville is
the only international sea port in Cambodia. Beside this, it’s also considered as
a great exploring islands and it beaches have made it popular as a tourist
destination and the economic zone.
How to get to Sihanouk Ville?
From Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Ville is about 240km, most travelers
go there by bus, taxi, and motorcycle. Soon Cambodia will operate train line
from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk and that would be the great choice to travel by
train because the price also cheaper than bus or taxi. More addition to that,
you can view the spectacular scenery along the way such as the greenness rice
fields, corn farms, Khmer countryside villages, and wild animals etc. But for
now I suggest you to travel by bus because the road is in good condition and
the view is also great.
For foreigners who want to travel from Thailand to Sihanouk
Ville; Yeah, Had Lek international border crossing between Thailand and Koh
Kong is easiest way.
Now I’m Reaching Sihanouk Ville 😀
When you get Sihanouk Ville, the paradise islands there are
a lot of things to do for fun depend on your mood. But here I will suggest you
something to do in the islands you may like.

Boating and fishing
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
Islands and Beaches
Rental motorcycle or bicycles
Trying our Khmer region foods

All the services above are in affordable price, I hope you
won’t disappoint with the price. US Dollars is widely accepted, also master
cards, credit cards or visa cards are accepted in many hotels, market and
shopping malls but don’t forget to bring some cash with you for small shops.
Boating and Fishing
SihanoukVille – Boating and Fishing
There are many type of boats are available for rent. If you
want see the view and get fresh sea air around the islands you can rent a boat.
It’s great to go to the islands with a group of people and you can share the
price as well. If you have lot family members you can rent boat for personal go
to go the islands or fishing. Not only that, you can find personal watercraft,
charters, yachts, sailing boats, group fishing, and party boats are available.
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Sihanouk Ville is great that’s
what you shouldn’t miss because of the area’s favorable topographical features.
Snorkeling also can be impressive around the nearby islands which feature rocky
reefs, shallow waters and coral, and colorful tropical fish. Yeah, snorkeling
and diving at this time is great, you know from December to June the water is
clearer and cooler than the rest of the year. From this moth to June is the
busiest period for diving. The most popular sites for diving are Koh Rung
Samloem and Koh Kon which are close to Sihanouk Ville. But if you have more
time you should also dive Koh Tang, Koh Prins, and Condor Reef which are
further out.
Islands and Beaches
Yeah of course, we have white sandy beaches with blue water
and green islands offshore. That’s great for sun bathing, swimming, boating,
and playing many water sports.





Rental Motorcycles and bicycle

Traveling by dirt bike is a great way to see Cambodia

As I notice, this is the most popular for the travelers from
The USA, Australia, UK, and European countries. There many places and much kind
of Motorcycles and Bicycles are available for rent in Sihanouk Ville with good
price. As I know, Bicycles are $1.5 a day for rent price. Motorcycle is good
for ride into the jungle and mountains.    

Time to eat and where to stay

Fun time in Sihanouk ville
There are many restaurants in the city they serve variety of
foods such as Chinese food, Thai foods, Indian foods, Japanese and Korean
foods, and European restaurants; yeah sea food is great there. But I suggest
you to our Khmer foods and regional foods it’s very delicious. Street foods
also perfect and price is really cheapJ. Sihanouk has many
guesthouses and a lot of luxury hotels with affordable price and friendly receptionists.

More Fun Activities

There are a lot of Western bars and a few of discos and
karaoke in town offer late night dancing and music. They usually open from 9pm
and until late morning. What else??? Yeah we have many more activities such as
Day Trips, Waterfalls, Casinos, touring around town, work out, sauna, walking
tour, massages, get a tattoo, shopping, and also the interesting things like
Learn to Speak Khmer, Learn to cook Khmer foods-Good right??? Or you may interest
in joining the Help Center to help Cambodian’s poor children.

Well, you may find more interesting thing more than this
when you get here. So get here while you can to see Sihanouk Ville, the paradise
islands of Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder!
Source: Cambodia Today’s Hubpages
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