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‘Plan to disperse rally’ revealed

People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) co-leader Chamlong Srimuang read a sign criticising Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
The government has a three-stage plan
to disband the yellow-shirt protest outside Government House, People’s
Alliance for Democracy (PAD) co-leader Chamlong Srimuang said on
Maj Gen Chamlong said the
government would send senior police officers to ask the yellow-shirt
protesters to unblock roads when there is little traffic in actuality.
The police had intentionally turned on the red lights longer, causing people to be frustrated with the rally.

The government would then send undercover agents into the rally to stir up confusion and conflicts among the yellow-shirt group.
The final stage would be the deployment of more police personnel to launch a crackdown on the protesters, he said.
“The government’s attempt will
fail because the PAD will not go anywhere unless the government accedes
to our three demands,” Maj Gen Chamlong said.
He said the government should concentrate on the Thai-Cambodian issues instead of focusing on the yellow-shirt protesters.
“As a professional
demonstrator, I can affirm that our rally will not end. If our rally is
dispersed today, we can start again tomorrow.
“If the government refuses to protect our country we won’t end our rally,” he added.
The yellow-shirt key member
said he lost count of the amount of lies Prime Minister Abhisit
Vejjajiva made regarding the Thai-Cambodian border issues.
The government began to take
action when the PAD revealed the information about the Cambodian flag
being hoisted near Preah Vihear temple, he said.
However, he said, the government should not be too relenting with Cambodia.
The PAD started its peaceful
protest outside Government House since last Tuesday, pressing the
government to withdraw from the Unesco World Heritage Committee, scrap
the memorandum of understanding on the Thai-Cambodian border signed in
2000, and expel Cambodian people from disputed border areas.
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