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Cambodian minister, educator hit by drunk driver and dies

Minister killed by drunk driver – Tawn Lork and his wife, Navy.
Tawn Lork, Cambodian minister and educator, died Dec. 26 from wounds he
suffered when a drunk driver struck his motorcycle days earlier.

Lork, 33, was dean of students for Cambodia Bible Institute,
a ministry training school in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh,
affiliated with Lubbock, Texas-based Sunset International Bible

“He was a devout Bible student as well as effective
preacher and teacher,” said Rich Dolan, the Cambodia institute’s
director. “God blessed him with a great personality, capable of
reaching many with his kind words, smile, encouragement and belief in

Lork served as translator for Dolan and his wife, Ronda, who moved to Phnom Penh in 2007.

Lork also worked with Bill Singleton, a church member who helps Cambodian Christians in church-planting efforts.

“He is one of the greatest Cambodian warriors of the faith,” Singleton said of Lork, “and I will always love him for that.”

After the wreck, Lork underwent surgery in Phnom Penh but showed no
signs of improvement. The Dolans were making plans to transport him to a
hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, when “his heart gave out,” Rich Dolan

“I know that he walks with the King,” Rich Dolan said. “But please
remember all of us who are left here with broken hearts — especially his
sweet wife, Navy, and all our students.” 

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