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Cambodian troops destroy contentious sign

Cambodian troops have removed and destroyed the controversial “Here! is Cambodia” sign on the disputed border near Preah Vihear.
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced this morning that the sign, set in stone, had been removed.
Photographs later today confirmed the stone tablet had been shattered by Cambodian soldiers acting under orders.
“It’s a good thing Cambodian authorities have cooperated with us,” Mr Abhisit said.

put the controversial stone tablet up after Thai soldiers withdrew from
Kaew Sikha Khiri Sikha Sawara temple, on the disputed land around Preah
Vihear, on Dec 1 last year.

The sign initially read “Here! is the place where Thai troops invaded Cambodian territory on July 14, 2008.”

Thai authorities on Monday asked Cambodia to remove the tablet, the
Cambodian army yesterday replaced it with a sign reading “Here! is

This sparked further angry protest.

Region 2 commander Thawatchai Samutsakorn said he and a contingent of
Thai troops on Wednesday afternoon went to Kaew Sikha Khiri Sikha
Sawara temple to meet Cambodia’s deputy supreme commander Jai Dara.

Gen Thawatchai said he and Gen Jai disucssed the issue  and Gen Jai
later ordered the Cambodian soldiers to demolish the sign as he watched.

sides agreed that there will not be any structures in the disputed
border area indicating ownership rights, Lt Gen Thawatchai said.

He said it was a sensitive issue, but the atmosphere of the meeting was positive.

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