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Songkitti: Correction of sign promised

The supreme military commander of Cambodia has
promised to make a “correction” to the controversial sign posted on the
disputed border branding Thai troops as “invaders”, Supreme Commander
Songkitti Jaggabatara said on Monday.
Gen Songkitti said this after a meeting with Gen Pol Sareoun, the supreme commander of Cambodia.
They had discussed the controversial stone tablet erected in front
of Wat Kaew Sikha Khiri Sawara. Cambodia says it is where Thai troops
had invaded Cambodian territory.
“Cambodia said a correction will be made in a favourable way.  Let’s wait and see,” Gen Songkitti said.
“I don’t want to speak more about this.  Let’s take it this way, that Cambodia will make a correction in a favourable manner. 
“Then this matter should come to an end.”
Gen Songkitti and his Cambodian counterpart met while attending a tod pha pa ceremony at Wat Chanthorn Buriwong in Phnom Penh. during which more than three million baht in donations were made.
Altogether 140 high-level officers from the three Thai armed forces
took part in the merit-making ceremony.  They travelled to Cambodia on
two air force C130 transport planes  and an Airbus aircraft.
Gen Songkitti said no matter what problems may arise, the military
ties between the two country are still good, judging from the fact that
the Thai visitors were given due honour and welcomed by a large number
of people.
Cambodia put the stone tablet up after Thai troops withdrew from Wat Kaew Sikha Khiri Sikha Sawara on Dec 1.
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