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Travel experience from Cambodia trip

There are a lot of temples to see in Cambodia. So, armed with our
digicams, water bottles and a thirst for adventure, we journeyed to
where the action was, or at least where it used to be.
Southern Gate of Angkor Thom, Siem Reap
A sigh of relief and excitement enveloped me as the plane touched down
in Ho Chi Minh. I didn’t have a concrete plan other than getting to
Siem Reap. But I knew I was going to have the grandest time.

I was with my friends and we were in search of a memorable adventure. We dropped the mainstream route of taking a plane to experience Cambodia (www.activetravelcambodia.com)
– so off to the bus stop we went, and bought our 13-hour bus ride
ticket. It was a great decision, because the intensely rich and
picturesque surroundings kept us entertained the whole trip. When we
got to Siem Reap, we were tired but we were in awe.

At Siem Reap (www.activetravel.asia/destination/cambodia/siemreap/)
we were transported into an architectural masterpiece from thousands of
years ago. The intelligence and sophistication of the masters that
conceptualized the structure shows throughout. Power, might and
light-heartedness emerge from the artworks on the wall telling tales
and signifying depth in their own beliefs.

The symmetry of Angkor Wat (www.visitangkortemples.com/)
is astounding. Imagining it during the time it was fully functional was
overwhelming – Apsara dancers illuminating the halls with their energy,
lectures being passed on from one elder to another and kings sharing
inspiring thoughts and knowledge with their people.

Another nearby temple we visited was Bayon in Angkor Thom. It’s beauty
and look enticed us to come in – a series of intricately made smiling
facades invite tourists to revisit Jayavarman VII’s work of art. I
really love this temple because positivity encapsulated the whole area
and the massive stone faces shine on the spotlight.

We got to understand and learn the transfer of power that transpired,
hear stories that ruled the bonfires and best of all, we got to
converse with monks as they still go and pray.

A temple in Phnom Bakheng is considered to be a “hot spot.” They filmed
the most exciting scenes of “Tomb Raider” in Phnom Bakheng where
gigantic roots of old trees intrusively sweep the temple walls. This is
where we had fun trying out creative poses mimicking scenes from the

Exploring Siem Reap with my friends proved to be one of the best
experiences I had in Cambodia. We consider ourselves privileged to have
been able to experience the glory that once was. If only we could have
teleported ourselves back in time.

Nonetheless, to see and touch the pieces is to witness that once there
was a time when a genuine love for architecture and passion for their
belief carried far across the land. So, after a few days of
exploration, we packed our bags and left Siem Reap, bidding farewell to
a beautiful place that will be sure to stick with us for the rest of
our lives.

Source: CNN

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