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Iran warns nuclear program will go on if it is attacked [ Meetings with world powers begin today ]

chief negotiator Saeed Jalili arrives at the Ataturk International
airport for talks between Iran and the six world powers in Istanbul,
January 20, 2011.

Credit: Reuters/Osman Orsal
Iran warned it would go on enriching uranium if it came under attack
as its negotiators prepared for talks with six world powers today aimed
at defusing a crisis over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.
United States said it expected no “big breakthroughs” in an
eight-year-old standoff over Iran’s nuclear ambitions in a return to
negotiations between Iran and the powers in the Turkish city of
Istanbul today and tomorrow.
Iranian negotiators told Reuters
they had no fresh offer to make for a nuclear fuel swap but they were
ready to discuss a deal based on terms offered last year, which were
rejected then by the powers as being too little, too late.
a swap, under which Iran would part with low-enriched uranium (LEU) in
exchange for fuel specially processed to run a Tehran reactor producing
medical isotopes, would build confidence but not resolve core disputes.
Any accord is likely to hinge on persuading Iran to hand over
most of its LEU stockpile to dispel suspicions it was retaining enough
to develop a nuclear bomb by eventually enriching it to a very high
level of fissile purity.
There is international concern that Iran’s declared civilian nuclear energy program is a cover for pursuit of nuclear bombs.
wanted the pending talks to lead to a “meaningful and practical
process” addressing central concerns about the nature of Iran’s nuclear
activity, said undersecretary of state Williams Burns, who will head
the U.S. delegation in Istanbul.
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