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The Elephants Disappear from The Last Forests of Cambodia

Cambodia’s forests harbored in the
1990′s, when the country was at the gates of the end of a long and
bloody civil war, more than two thousand copies of the elephants. Yet
today, when people receive the dividends of that peace and urban
development, there are only 400 elephants, due to abuse of which have
been part of the population.
“For many years in villages has been
persecuted and killed the elephants because they saw them as a threat
to their crops and homes,” said Tuy Sereivathana, director of the Khmer
Group Elephant Conservation.
The elephant approached a village to
find food that will satisfy hunger waiting fatal traps made of bamboo
tapered, and even acid-throwing farmers causing serious injury,
explains agronomist in 2010 was awarded the Goldman Prize, considered
the Nobel of the Environment. This group, associated with the NGO Fauna
and Flora International, got some time to stabilize the number of
individuals with awareness programs in rural areas living in some
However, the country’s economic development, where builders are competing for a span of land, is now the main
enemy of these animals who are deprived of natural habitat and food and
water they need to survive in an environment increasingly hostile. Most
of the remaining elephants in Cambodia live in the provinces of
Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri in the northeast, and in the Cardamom
Mountains, located to the south, two regions where mining projects
threaten the country’s last forests. The development of these areas,
even among the least advanced country, has further increased the value
of the meter of soil and motivated the interest of national and foreign
companies that seek to expand their business. This has intensified illegal logging, a business already profitable, to dispose of land to sell or grow.
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