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China announces high-speed rail link to Singapore via Vietnam

Construction of a section of railway linking Nanning to Vietnam will begin later this year
Leaders from Malaysia,
Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia,
Brunei, Cambodia and Laos join hands at a recent ASEAN summit.

China has announced plans to build a high-speed railway linking the
southern Chinese Guangxi Zhaung autonomous region with Singapore via
Vietnam, according to China Daily.
The first stage of construction will link the Chinese city of
Nanning with Pingxiang, a Vietnamese city near China’s border. Work on
this section will commence in the second half of 2011, China Daily
reported, citing the regional government’s development and reform
The construction of the high-speed rail will be the Nanning government’s main priority in the next five years.
The line is meant to increase commerce and various trade between China and ASEAN nations.
“We will invest 15.6 billion yuan (US$3.05 billion) to build the
railway linking Nanning and Singapore via Vietnam,” said Long Li,
director of the region’s transportation department. “This is extremely
important for the construction of the Nanning-Singapore Economic
The corridor refers to the economic link between China and ASEAN
nations, starting at Nanning in Guangxi and passing through Hanoi in
Vietnam, Vientiane in Laos, Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, Thailand’s Bangkok
and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on its way to Singapore. 
China Daily
referred to Guangxi as the country’s main foreign-trade center, with
ASEAN being its largest bloc trading partner.

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