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Neay Koy robbed in full daylight

Kampuchea Thmei
Translated from Khmer by Neay Oss Dey

Chuong Chi aka comedian Neay Koy
Phnom Penh – Chuong Chi, also known
as comedian Neay Koy, was robbed in full daylight (12:30 PM) by armed
men on 13 January 2011. The robbery took place at Garage Sok Chamroeun,
located along Street No. 261 and the intersection of Street No. 186,
Tuk La’ak 3 commune, Tuol Kok district, Phnom Penh city.
The police indicated that Neay
Koy was robbed by 4 armed men in 2 motorcycles, they used two handguns
to point at him and rob him of 2 diamond rings, 1 diamond wrist chain and 1 diamond necklace. The cost of the jewelry robbed is approximately US$40,000.
The police indicated that prior
to the incident, Neay Koy took a commercial-type vehicle to fix at the
garage above and left it there several days earlier. On the day of the
incident, he was driving a Toyota Landcruiser to the garage to check
out the status of his other case, then the robbery took place.
Neay Koy complained to the cops before leaving immediately to Siem Reap to perform in a show there.
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