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Three women murdered in Siem Reap robbery

Villagers in Siem Reap province gather around a house which was the site of a grisly triple homicide on Sunday. Photo by: Photo Supplied
Siem Reap province
women were murdered in their home in Siem Reap province yesterday
morning, with police claiming one of the women was raped before she was

Siem Reap town Police Chief Thoeung Chantharith said Eng
Ly, 70, Eng Mouygech, 60, and Oak Sreyneang, 20, all from Wat Svay
village in Sala Kamroeuk commune, were killed when their throats were
cut with a cleaver.

Oak Sreyneang was raped before she was killed, he added, in what appeared to be a brutal robbery.

“We are working to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice,” he said.

“It is the most cruel murder I have seen since I became a police chief over 10 years ago”.

Chansok, a Siem Reap provincial police officer, said the only evidence
that remained inside the house was the murder weapon and initial
investigations suggest that there may have been more than one person

Police were informed about the killings at around 6am yesterday, when an ice seller stumbled upon the grisly scene.

went to the house to bring ice, because [the] family sells groceries,”
Pat Chansok said. “Then when he came inside the house he saw blood and
the bodies of the three women.”

35-year-old Pheng Touch, son of
the deceased Eng Ly, said it was “very cruel” what had happened to his
family, which he said never had any problems with anyone.

Mao, Siem Reap provincial coordinator for rights group Adhoc, said that
last year saw a similar case in Siem Reap involving an 8-year-old

“We hope to help the bereaved family and to work with police to arrest the perpetrator and bring them to court,” he said.

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