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Russia suspicious of ship’s SOS call

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, Jan. 10 (UPI) — No trace has been found of a
fishing boat that sent out a distress signal off Russia’s Far East, but
the SOS may have been a hoax, an official said Monday.
The Cambodian-flagged schooner Partner sent out the signal off the
west coast of Sakhalin Friday, the Uglegorsk police chief, Sergei
Bushuyev, told ITAR-Tass. The coastline was searched by sea and land,
but nothing was found and the hunt was called off.
Andrei Krainiy, head of the Russian Federal Agency for Fishery, told
reporters in Moscow the ship was poaching, and “if the vessel did sink,
it is impossible to find traces, but there is another version. The ship
gave a false distress signal to escape to some port in the Asia-Pacific
Region, most likely to Japan, be repainted and renamed, get a new
package of documents and set off fishing as a new schooner.”
He said the boat, then called The Glen Grant, was detained Aug. 7
for violating Russia’s economic zone and was released to the owner on
bail Oct 8.
He said neither the shipowners in Belize nor authorities in Cambodia
have reported the ship missing, nor have relatives of the crew. 
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