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Hun Sen just stressing rules of law : Suthep

Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen did not mean to
harm the bilateral times when he called for all parties to respect its
court’s proceedings against seven Thai detainees which included a
Democrat MP.
China’s Xinhua news online
quoted Hun Sen on Monday as saying thaht it was possible for even the
United Nations to intervene because the case is now under the full
authority of the Cambodian court, which must be respected.
“What Hun Sen said was simply a
statement of the principal of legal procedures; he did not intend to
harm bilateral relations, Thai Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban said.

Seven Thais including Panich
Vikitsetr, a Bangkok MP, were detaining in a Cambodian jail in Phnom
Penh, pending trial against them on charge of illegal entry into
Cambodia and entering a Khmer military post without permission.
Among the group was Veera Somkwamkit, a leader of Thai Patriots Network, who was earlier arrested on the same charge last year.
Suthep told reporters Tuesday
that what everyone could do now was to wait for the court verdict. He
advised all parties not to comment or criticise in ways which could
negatively affect the case.
“Cambodian court procedures are not different from those of the Thai courts. We should not put pressure on the court,’ he said.
He reiterated that the Thai
authorities were using all means to help the detained Thais and the
officials – political and military- were holding talks regularly at all
Hun Sen said on Monday, “There
are many comments these days. A publication said yesterday that Thaksin
or the Puea Thai Party want to intervene in the case…. I just confirm
that no one can intervene in the judicial system, neither the
government, nor foreigners, or Cambodians.”
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