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Hun Sen-Ranariddh exchanged four letters of congratulations in one week

Hun Sen’s letter to ranariddh on new year wishes 2011
Ranariddh’s letter to hun sen new yea wishes 2011
By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

Prime Minister Hun Sen and Prince Ranariddh, once political foes until this week, have exchanged four letters of congratulations and best wishes.

Ranariddh, in what appears to be trying to pacify and appease Prime
Minister Hun Sen after the PM had threatened to sack him as the king’s
advisor when he decided to re-enter politics
in mid December, has begun sending a series of letters of
congratulations and best wishes to Prime Minister Hun Sen and his wife.

30th December, in a letter of new year best wishes to the PM and his
wife, Prince Ranariddh lauded the couple with high praises. “I
am happy to offer my best wishes to Samdech Decho (Hun Sen) of good
health, strength, intelligence and longevity so that (Samdech) can lead
the government toward further success in your mission to serve our beloved nation and motherland during the auspicious occasion of the 2011 international new year’s day”,
the prince said through the letter.

Prince Ranariddh went on to praise Mr. Hun Sen for his ‘remarkable achievements‘ in the past years. “Taking
the opportunity on this auspicious occasion, I beg to highly evaluate
that in the past years, Samdech Decho had made great efforts from all
of his energy, from the bottom of his heart, his intelligence and his
resources to lead the government in order to restore and develop the
nation to obtain stability, peace and prosperity in all sectors
remarkably deserving of high praises”,
the prince’s letter continued.

Ranariddh had lauded Mr. Hun Sen’s handling of the border dispute with
Thailand through a peaceful mean and through maintaining good relations
between the two countries. “Recently,
under the brilliant leadership of Samdech Decho, the tensions along the
Cambodian-Thai border, especially the Preah Vihear issue,
have been resolved through peaceful means and through good relations to
smooth border trades as well as the passage of the people through
various border crossings“,
added the letter.

days letter, Prime Minister Hun Sen sent a letter of appreciation to
the prince for his supports and new year best wishes. And on the same day,
Prince Ranariddh wrote another letter to Mr. Hun Sen, this time
offering his supports and congratulation of the 7th January Day, the
day considered by the ruling party as the liberation day, but
considered by critics and oppositions as the invasion day when the
Vietnamese forces invaded Cambodia to oust the Khmer Rouge regime 32
years ago. Hun Sen sent a letter of reply the next day.

Ranariddh, a long political rival of Mr. Hun Sen, has been seen as
trying to mend the relationship with Mr. Hun Sen who has been a
constant source of his political misfortune in the last 13 years or so.
Less than a month ago, Prince Ranariddh angered Mr. Hun Sen after he
decided to re-enterpolitics which caused the latter to threaten to sack the prince as an advisor to the king.

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